Company consolidating contracting

02-Nov-2020 04:56

GAO has stated that because bundled or consolidated procurements combine separate and multiple requirements into one contract, they have the potential for restricting competition by excluding firms that furnish only a portion of the requirement; See 2B Brokers et al., B-298651, Nov.

27, 2006, 2006 CPD ¶ 178 at 9; Pemco Aeroplex, Inc., B-280397, Sept. I could not find anywhere where the cost or price of the final contract (in relation to the individual contracts prior to the consolidation) was a consideration in determining if a contract is considered consolidated or not., B-295399.2, July 25, 2005, 2005 CPD ¶ 138 at 7.

Background: My customer has 15 contracts that are coming to an end at different times in the near future.

Those contracts are being performed by large and small businesses. Specifically, the definition of the term Consolidation of Contract Requirements". I’ve included the definition below: The term “consolidation of contract requirements”, with respect to contract requirements of a Federal agency, means a use of a solicitation to obtain offers for a single contract or a multiple award contract to satisfy 2 or more requirements of the Federal agency for goods or services that have been provided to or performed for the Federal agency If the requirement I’m working on is indeed a consolidated requirement, there are certain statutory requirements that the acquisition team must comply with prior to awarding the contract.

I believe that this is a contract consolidation (not bundling). I would be fine with his interpretation, were it not for the possibility of my requirement being exposed to a protest and the consequences of not having complied with the statutory requirements of a consolidated contract.

I underlined the text in the definition that my division chief and I are having difficulty with. The division chief argues that a requirement is not considered a consolidated contract if the resulting [consolidated] award is lower in cost than the cost of the separate contracts prior to consolidating them.

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The idea is that a contractor that might have won a 0,000 contract might not be able to compete for a 0,000 contract. I think your boss's interpretation is wrong, but it's a poorly written definition, as congressional definitions usually are.This statement seems to evidence that consolidation occurs with or without regard to cost savings on the resulting [consolidated] contract.Although the determining factor is not the final price of the consolidated contract alone, the final price may be a deciding factor in determining whether or not the consolidated contract is permissible or not. 0,000You plan to consolidate them into a single contract with total costs of 0,000.Does that mean I'm not required to comply with them?

rios0311, Take a look at the open FAR cases report. 2382, with a similar definition of consolidation, was applied to DOD several years ago and is implemented in DFARS 207.170, 210.001, and 219.201.This is in direct contrast to the division chief’s interpretation.

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