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Having become one of the most recognisable - and notorious - faces of the series, Spencer has been central to many major storylines over the last four years.

His pursuit of Caggie Dunlop dominated the first two series, while his relationship with Louise Thompson (and accusations of affairs) played a major part in the following three.

At Rosie Fortescue's dinner party, she becomes visibly upset and tells Spencer she needs to step back from him due to his relationship which he is saddened to hear.

To Spencer's anger, Hugo suggests to Caggie that she moves on and dates someone else, which he orchestrates by setting her up with his friend CJ Chapman.

Despite telling Millie in confidence, Millie passes the information on to Spencer at the polo match as he bids Caggie a goodbye, and the two kiss.

Comforted by Hugo, he tells him how he's always loved Caggie, and encouraged by Hugo, Spencer decides he can't let Caggie go to New York without trying to stop her.

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When he arrives there, Millie greets him, telling him he's too late, and that Caggie's plane has already taken off, to Spencer's sadness.Spencer confronts Francis at the gig for Andy's birthday, and asserts there's no need for them to work out how to get along.After phoning Jamie, Spencer invites himself to the estate agents where Jamie, Proudlock and Francis have just signed contracts, despite telling Jamie to wait for him. That night, Lucy's revelation that Spencer texted her the day after he and Louise broke up temporarily leads to an argument during their dinner date, with Spencer walking out of the restaurant.Spencer and Funda's relationship sours further when he voices his disapproval of her modelling and dancing, deeming it too provocative and that he's uncomfortable with other men seeing her that way.

Funda is angered at Spencer's notion of what her career entails.

Funda argues with both Spencer and Caggie over this, feeling betrayed.