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The main guy who owned it lost interest years ago and was mostly busy with other things.

OK the team could solve small problems but not big ones.

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Read Full Review I think it is fair to say that UKChatterbox has gone for good.

Some months ago the Google Group on which the staff used to keep in touch has also gone. They did this, the only problem was it was running for nearly 10 years with very little changes to the websites code… You didn't read many, as the UKChatterbox history one, and communications I've had with admin/staff give PLENTY of praise for the good stuff. it's been so long I can barely remember the details, I know that's not true though. The only time I "downloaded" files was the pictures directory and that was 1) something entirely different 2) had 0 affect on the server.

"and what about you downloading so many files to put pressure on the system so it crashed? 3) not to mention it was proof of how negligent the sites "operations admin" was, by allowing illegal or pornographic content to be visible.

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Tbh lethality your opinions of me or ukcb are worthless, you're just a spoilt little boy who still needs to grow up.In all honesty I always expected UKCB to be resurrected, it had a large following and could have been a commercial goldmine.. It needed more prawn (think about it), especially involving sheep for the welsh, martian prawn (hmmm) for the Scotts and maybe an undertaker for those who just sat in the online list and never posted.Better still they could have had a sales forum for Filipino brides that could also offer short term leases for the over 65s. Read Full Review Uk Chatterbox used to be a fantastic site.For many, ukcb was their only source of socialising and that has been destroyed for them. In the end though I think it has proven too complicated, time-consuming and expensive to put it back together.

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I was in regular weekly contact with Blaster (The owner) while he was trying to rebuild the site on a new hosting site. Regardless of what some ppl say there are many ppl who would return to ukcb like a shot, a lot of them are not as happy with the sites they're using now. Written on: 03/01/2014 Ahh if only but i'm very old now you now! I just sit in my slippers smoking my pipe and reminiscing about the good old days. you even one time unsuspended yourself during one of your hack jobs, and what about you downloading so many files to put pressure on the system so it crashed? People take a big risk trusting you running a website lol!I told fluentcode asap, and got the proof before the rest tried white-washing it, which as we all know, was accepted practice.

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