Changesets and updating work items

04-Dec-2020 10:49

For TFS 2014, you still cannot change it from the changeset section. I thought I'd add the below, since I like pictures :-).For my example, I will use the JUnit sample provided with RTC.

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A request for enhancement has been created in to suggest an improvement by being able to not requesting an e-signature if there is no approval set up (see e-signature Enforce only for existing approvals (169362)).

The Tasks are all children either of a Bug or a Product Backlog Item work item.

Each CI build is triggered for a particular changeset, and the changeset is associated with a Task, so we can manually figure out which Bug or PBI was just built.

The nightly build will build this code if we don't manually trigger the nightly before that.

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QA will later deploy one of these "Main" builds to the QA environment.

Queries allow you to use the full power of the work item query language to search for and filter work items.

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