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This illustrates the reality that these radiometric dating methods are wildly biased toward determining the desired “millions of years” result from the beginning.The idea of an ancient earth and universe was based on preexisting presuppositions prior to any radiometric measurement taking place.If the assumptions used are accurate and rate of changes have remained constant throughout all time, then of course the assumptions are conclusive.However, if any assumption is found to be fluctuating or inconstant (for any reason) then the results must also be deemed inconclusive or not accurate.First radiometric methods were invented by Earnest Rutherford in 1905.Carbon 14 dating specifically was not invented until 1940 by Martin Kamen.Carbon based life forms metabolize carbon and absorb radioactive carbon 14 into their living cells.When the life form dies the metabolism process stops and therefore the remaining radioactive carbon 14 begins to decay.

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Some of the newest numbers from string theorist have moved the 13.8-Billion-year needle to some 15 to 20 billion years.

How Radiometric Dating Works Radiometric dating can be referred to by different titles.