Black men dating ethiopian women

06-Oct-2020 12:20

And so, with very little chance of my self-examination being interrupted, I sat there and gave it all serious, honest consideration – and confirmed that I truly did have honorable intentions.

I figured I’d come in here, have a drink, dig the atmosphere and thus add it to my list of places to go.

Maybe what I was feeling didn’t have a damned thing to do with anything but familiarity.

The restaurant was more than half full, but I had the tiny bar all to myself, so I was glad that two men and a woman in the mood for libations joined me. And maybe I really DIDN’T come in here for just a drink and cordial camaraderie.

It was my last year of college and with an open J-term coming up, and I was determined to take advantage of the month long break and travel abroad. Coincidentally, two of my good friends were planning a trip to Ethiopia to visit friends and relatives.

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Then we would meet up and travel around the country for the last two weeks of our stay.My Own Kind By Steven Ivory For several years, I’d passed the restaurant while driving through that side of town.