Battlefield bad company 2 stats not updating Adult amerture web cam roulete

02-Nov-2020 04:49

For this reason, it can be worthwhile checking out some other online options.

Stats Verse is one of the leading purveyors of online statistics for multiplayer shooters, and pool information for Battlefield games going back to Battlefield 2, and even the free-to-play browser version, Battlefield Heroes.

Been playing a lot lately (XB1) and when jumping on today, was notified there is a 1gig update! So I pray to Mohammad, Allah and Osama bin Laden that this is it!!! If you download the update it gives you the Vietnam in menu option. I don't know why it automatically happened though.

Well I have been wanting to download the no3 multiplayer update forever, so I can play the Vietnam dlc, and it will not let me download it.

Clicking on "Bad Company 2", entering your soldier name and platform will quickly pull up all your vital statistics, and the layout is much improved from EA’s own site.

Especially useful is the breakdown of your stats for each class at the bottom of your profile, including what weapons and gadgets you’ve already unlocked and how much progress you require to your next unlock.

Hello everyone, We have made some changes and the issue should be resolved now.

The Battlefield Bad Company Stats website provides a similar service, and also allows you to create player bookmarks to check your friends’ current statistics with ease.

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