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It is somewhat ironic then, that such little information about either company is readily available.This article seeks to remedy that deficiency, compiling what is already available on the internet with the writer’s own experience in the area.Through the late 19 century, Aynsley gained a reputation for quality in both Great Britain and abroad.The Tulip shape, one of Aynsley’s most popular patterns, was released in 1931 and was even ordered by Queen Mary.The company eventually moved into china production, although accounts vary with regards to the date.Some suggest manufacturing began as early as 1776, while others suggest 1788 as a more likely date.

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Most major English firms made (or still make) bone china, including Mintons, Coalport, Spode, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Worcester, and many others.Not much is known about John Aynsley’s early life, but it is likely his parents were semi-elite landowners who helped him set up his Longton factory at the age of 23.