Are chris pine and zachary quinto dating

13-Feb-2021 00:53

Margin Call premiered in January 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival. Quinto was an executive producer for Chandor's next film All Is Lost (2013) with Robert Redford as the sole actor.

Margin Call received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, by J. Not leaving television behind, in October 2011, Quinto began a recurring role on the FX series American Horror Story as Chad, former owner of the house.

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And for another example of Chris's talent, watch clips of him as Darwin Tremor ( Smokin' Aces) on youtube. There is a fan page If you scroll down the front page and go to a post dated 8/13, called "Chris Pine attends Into Darkness Press Conference in Tokyo, Japan.Quinto returned for the second season in one of the lead roles, as Dr. In 2014, Zachary and his Before the Door partners produced a Chris Moore project, The Chair, a documentary series on Starz that shows the process of two directors bringing their first feature to the screen.