Aquarius and cancer dating Campriwate net

30-Sep-2020 00:46

Cancer needs to know where Aquarius is at all times, what they’re doing, who they’re with, why, and when they’ll be home.

Aquarius will resent this – and the Cancer partner will resent the fact that she can go out all day and not even get one text from Aquarius checking up on her.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is not necessarily love at first sight, though.

Aquarius is a free thinking, super-rational rebel, while Cancer is a soft and loving homebody with a liking for the tried and tested.

Set up an institution for orphans in a third world country and both of you will be blissfully happy!

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If the Cancer guy falls for her, he'll want to wrap his big arms around her -- and not let go.An emotional water sign like Cancer, however, needs to say “I love you” often – and needs to hear it said even more often.If the willpower isn’t there on both sides to understand the other’s different way of emotional expression, Aquarius and Cancer compatibility can be one air and water mix which can turn into a tropical storm rather than a rainbow.It’s not the most obvious match, but let’s dig a little deeper.

For an Aquarius, love compatibility is something of an intellectual exercise.Of course, the compassion is directed in different directions – Cancer will move heaven and earth to protect and minister to their loved ones, while Aquarius will happily ignore loved ones in order to carry out good deeds for the underprivileged.