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Geography as conceived by the practitioners and theorists who … The metal girder bridge was built in 1918 to span the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracks in …Continue reading Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50 Edited by the Antipode Editorial Collective Tariq Jazeel, Andy Kent, Katherine Mc Kittrick, Nik Theodore, Sharad Chari, Paul Chatterton, Vinay Gidwani, Nik Heynen, Wendy … Continue reading It’s only the first week of February and already we’re preparing for the publication of 2019’s second issue.Continue reading Robert Rosenberger Georgia Institute of Technology [email protected] Trump administration will be forever remembered, among other things, as one that persecuted already disadvantaged people, and one whose corruption directly served …Continue reading The Athena Co-Learning Collective https:// are We, and What is Our Project?US sanctions and recent calls for a military coup …Continue reading Neil Gray and Hamish Kallin, June 2018 Hamish Kallin: What first got you interested in Italian autonomism?The Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB), a …Continue reading Forthcoming in Antipode 51(4) this September, and available online now, Federico Ferretti’s latest paper, “Between Radical Geography and Humanism: Anne Buttimer and the International Dialogue Project”, argues for a rediscovery …

Continue reading Johan Pries, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences The stakes of grasping how the far Right operates have not been higher for a long time. Continue reading At the 2018 annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers in New Orleans, Louisiana, Nik Heynen (University of Georgia) organised a kind of “author meets critics” session for Clyde Woods’ …The Foundation grants an exclusive right to publish the journal …Continue reading Organised by Jessica Dempsey and Geraldine Pratt, UBC [email protected], [email protected] ***A downloadable version of the following conversation is available here*** For decades now feminists from all over the world have …Continue reading The Guardian today published a piece asking “What would a city that is safe for women look like?

” Using examples from Delhi, Barcelona, Nairobi, Cairo, and Kigali, the author outlines …

A group of rocky islands of the southern Pacific Ocean southeast of New Zealand, to which they belong.