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03-Dec-2020 10:17

“I can’t limit my options here; I don’t have so many.” She’s not kidding.

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Brittany, a 26-year-old waitress, tells me that when she joined Tinder, all her friends called her “Tinderella” because it was so weird to be on it. People love to blame Tinder for hookup culture, but Becky joined because she was looking for the opposite.

Now imagine that feeling multiplied times a tsunami and you’ll know what washed over me when called up to see if I would travel around the country going on dates to find out if location really matters when you’re looking for love.

So for both of you guys I guess, what do you think the life that Fiona seeks would look like or could look like, obviously it’s not going to be Suburbia and the 2.5 children and the dog and the cat, so what could it look like? Anwar I don’t know to be perfectly honest whether she does want to settle down. And if something gets too physical, then the stunt men come in and take over. Obviously I’m not Steve, I’m Stevie, and the question I had for you is, Jeffrey, you spend a lot of time, because you’re the main character, you are very physical in this role, and you obviously spend so much time on set, what do you do for fun in what little off time you have? And sometimes I’m by myself and sometimes I just kind of walk onto a twosome or a threesome and join them, and most people just kind of leave me alone, and that’s my quiet time. … continue reading »

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