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This is the year where Aly and I felt inspired, and felt like we can do this, with or without a label. it's time to really start getting back to the roots of who we are, which I really think music is where it all started for us.”“We're now speaking about adult things in our songs,” Aly explains, “and the relationships that we've had, or the life experiences that we're now able to bring to our songwriting, which is different than when you're 13 and 15.”“I'd say it's very indie rock, and there's definitely pop sensibilities and pop lyrics, but I'd say that all of our stuff has led with depth,” AJ says of their new sound. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.The film features original music by the sisters, including one song they recorded as 78Violet, “Boy.” The duo changed their band name from Aly & AJ, the moniker they used while signed to Disney-owned Hollywood Records, to 78Violet in 2009.They only released one song under the new name, 2013’s “Hothouse,” before announcing in late 2015 that they would once again be recording as Aly & AJ. “I think there was also a moment in finding that new band name where we were trying to separate ourselves from being children, and seen as being as childlike performers.But I love that you guys are really working hard to find your new sound. There is something that I think is special and there's something that makes us extra proud to put out this new music just because we know that we were there every single step of the way. But Stephen is super calm so we never felt like he was ever stressed because he's good at being a bit like a monk on set. AC: I felt that was so brave of you guys, too, because anyone watching it knows that it is loosely based on your life and to expose things of that nature, especially because you guys have these fans who have been with you since you're 15. It's not a bad thing for somebody to look up to you.I understand that not everybody is going to write and I would almost prefer somebody who knows that writing isn’t their forte because they're like, "Hey, I need to hire great writers." But there is a special thing when someone is writing the music that they're performing and singing and playing for people live. which your husband, Stephen Ringer, wrote and directed. His big thing on this movie was keeping the set quiet, which is interesting because I'm almost never on really quiet sets. They might question which parts are based on your real life. We always felt like there was something cool about a younger kid aspiring to be like us or wanting to be successful or whatever. AC: I love that you own that and don’t try and force something that you aren’t. Just opening up the door to collaborating with people that we never would have maybe originally collaborated with, or just being open to listening to new bands that maybe we had never heard of. AJ and I definitely had moments where we were stressed during the movie, but then we also had these days that were really great and went super easy. " But I think for us it was really therapeutic because we were able to make a movie that obviously had this storyline that was fictional but all of the elements within the storyline were very real and very personal. And I think we also felt like we had a responsibility to not just be fuck-ups because there were young kids that were looking up to us.And not copying anybody by any means, but, being inspired by some of the music that we loved growing up and saying: AC: I really admire that you guys are not just singers. I feel like it could be really easy for you guys to just hire some writers and do their songs and do whatever is hot right now. We would wrap early and we would just be happy that the day went smoothly. So it was nice that we had the freedom to just say, “Okay, we're in this fictional world, yes, but this is our house and we are sisters that are from a divorced family.” So there are these great elements within it that were very true. It always bugs me when people are like, “I didn’t ask to be a role model.” Who doesn’t want to be a role model?

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Aly and AJ Michalka just debuted their brand new video for “Star Maps” and it has a lot of famous faces in it!But besides, them no other real female artist was making their own music in the way that we were. I think it's so beautiful how close you two are and how much you really love each other, full-heartedly. I mean it's funny because we don’t have a huge extended family but we were all very close growing up where we went on family trips and we always ate dinner together.So we felt like we wanted to be respected for that and we didn’t feel like we were. I mean some bands obviously don’t make it until their seventh album. I think we're at a good place now where we feel like as long as we're making music that we're happy to be performing and making, then we're fine with whatever the outcome is supposed to be; whether it's with a major label or an independent label. I think it’s one of your greatest qualities: your incredible loyalty to friendship and family. There's just that sense of: AC: The last thing I was going to ask is about growing up on such popular show.The visual was directed by close friend and actress Amanda Crew, and also features Brenda Song, Dabney Coleman, Thomas Middleditch, Mariah Balenciaga, Willam Belli and more.

“We wrote this song in 2017 when the Harvey Weinstein story broke as an ode to the #Me Too movement,” Aly and AJ shared about the track.

And for the record, no, she doesn’t actually smoke. They put us in one of these suites at the Grand California Hotel. ", and "Johnny Depp touched this and then he touched this." We were so weird.