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01-Dec-2020 17:38

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We would like to go as a couple but can’t find any other than this one and the one mentioned in SD area. August 30, 2006 at pm I was recently at the Front Door on a Tuesday afternoon and witnessed a stacked brunet getting salami slammed by a B. If I can digress, I was watching an adult film in Philly one late night in a half-empty theater.

An elderly African-American gentleman was sleeping in the seat in front of me, or so I assumed as he hadn’t moved since I sat down.

17, 2017 at am Dang, I can’t believe that more people haven’t commented about the good times they had when they were younger and seeing movies at this theater.

For us guys attending Joseph Bonnheim elementary school, this was the place to hookup with your 5th or 6th grade lady friend…..

Although the auditorium was in a quonset hut building, the front of the theatre was designed in a western ranch style, to match the other buildings in the center.

In lieu of a marquee, the Manor Theatre had a two-sided attraction board rising from a brick planter that extended from the front of the building.

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The theatre was set back from the street behind a parking lot.

It is located near Washington and Garfield, in the city of Commerce, CA.

Email me for more detail: February 16, 2005 at pm The name on the door says “Front Door Theatre and Bookstore”.

Itâ€\s not a theater, but it is cleaner, well lit, and none of the booths have doors.

So, you can watch others “enjoy” the movie, or have them watch you.

The entrance doors opened onto an extension of the shopping center’s covered walkway, which was supported by round, wooden columns.

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